Having A Dream Outside Your Control

Most things we dream for can be achievable with some extra work, dedication, compromise, commitment, etc. But what about the dream on your heart that is genuinely out of your control?

I am gonna get real vulnerable for a second & say that I have one of those dreams.

I dream of a daughter.

I have always longed for a little girl, I feel like most women have... but I had clear vision of Shawn & I with a baby girl from when we got married. We’ve had a name picked out for years, and each pregnancy we’ve been convinced it was gonna be her.

I haven’t wanted to share this cause I don’t want people feeling “bad” for me having 2 sons. I don’t feel bad for me. I feel extremely blessed & would not trade them for the world (or for a girl!) They are my everything.

I also don’t want people coming at me saying I’m ungrateful for what I do have. It just ain’t true.

Whether I have a daughter one day or not, I am blessed beyond measure and FULLY satisfied with my family.

But back to the question... what do we actually do with these dreams? There’s no magic tricks to making the girl sperm get to the egg first 😂 it happens when/if it happens. It’s outside of my control, but I want it so bad. That’s frustrating!

But if we look at it another way... it’s also the most comforting thing in the world.

I actually don’t have to DO anything.

I can let go (not of the dream, just of my desire to control it) & let God.

This is one of those situations where there’s actually zilch I can do. So it’s on Him. If it’s His plan, it will be. & if it’s not, that’s okay too cause he knows way more than we do & always, ALWAYS wants the best for us. He knows my heart, yours too, & he holds your dreams & desires safely in his hands. He cradles them with gentleness & releases them to us if it will be the best thing for us, & when the time is perfect.

If you have an out-of-control dream, I hope this brings comfort to you. That he IS in control. There is nothing in this universe that can escape his control. & He loves you. Deeply. Keep talking to Him about your dream, but remember... we don’t have to beg Him for it. He knows. I often tell him about my dream for a daughter, & I know He delights in it.

Let go of control, let that dream free. Be faithful, but keep open palms.

El x