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I'm ellie

A dedicated wife and mama, determined to build a healthy marriage and home, while helping you to do the same.


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Writer. Artist. Wife. Mother Of Two Boys. 

Communicator. Entrepreneur.

Advocate For Healthy Relationships.

Educator. Sweet tooth. Ocean lover.

Jesus follower. 

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Relationships and family have always been the highest thing on my priority list. I'm obsessed with good hearty conversation, deep connection and being real. I don't care much for surface level chit chat, I want the juice.

I have found the more you invest into relationships, the more you reap in return. And it's a pretty sweet flow to get into because you realise fairly quickly, this is why we're here. You know, on earth.

Created to connect. That's my belief. Human connection is vital, and I'm here to cultivate it however I can. Helping you create a healthy culture within your home is my number one priority as I know this makes or breaks a family.

Where did it all begin?

Let's dig a little deeper...

I didn't grow up with both of my parents.  In fact, divorce and separation seem to be a theme in my family. 


I've experienced the pain of separation as a child, seen marriages in my immediate world fall apart, and learnt the harsh toll it can take on families and individuals. 

Enough of the doom and gloom, because my life is actually extremely blessed! And though there has been heartache, I am proud to say that my family also has some of the strongest and most beautiful marriages I've ever seen. We all fall short in life, but those who pick themselves up, dust it off and keep persevering in love, are the people I look up to. 

While my parents aren't together, I've been blessed with a wonderful step-dad (though that sounds strange when I say it as he is very much a real father to me!) and I can bear witness to the incredible marriage that's been built between he and my mum.

I've been married to my husband Shawn since 2014 and it's our mission to create a beautiful, lasting, purposeful, exciting marriage and a safe and joyful home as an extension of that. 

Gettin' real...

So, what happened next?

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And what have I got for you?

Up until a few years ago, we thought we had this marriage thing down pat. Easy.

Enter children....

(two boys in under two years to be exact. Can someone say wake up call?!)

Turns out raising kids takes up a lot of your emotional energy, physical energy, mental energy.... pretty much just all of the energy. We suddenly didn't have much left to give one another.


After filing our relationship under "take care of it later" for far too long, we knew we needed to become a lot more intentional in order to save our spark. We started by bringing 6 specific, open ended questions to a dinner date (the first in months) and through this simple practise, we brought our healthy communication and our emotional intimacy back to life.

Six months later,  The Connect Deck  was born. I knew that if these prompts could reconnect us on a deeper level, they could do the same for other couples. 


My mission?

To see the 50% divorce rate significantly drop.

To see families remain whole and happy.

To see YOU thriving in your relationship roles.

Our generation has the opportunity to change the course of not only our own future, but the next generation's as well. I think that's a pretty big deal and something to get excited about.

Change first starts in the heart, then the home, then overflows into the community and beyond.

We won't make any kind of significant change to the wider world without first bringing change to our immediate world. The thing is, when you set firm foundations in your marriage, you are setting foundations for your children's marriages as well. Your marriage is so much bigger than just you and your spouse. It holds purpose and power, and I'm here to help you uncover that!

I can't wait to hang out and spur each other on!

ellie x