Writer. Creator. Communicator. Entrepreneur.

Ellie is a wife and mother of two. She is determined to see the 50% divorce rate drop, families to remain whole, all while breaking the chain of separation in her own family. She creates resources and tools to help young couples set firm foundations in their relationship & ultimately make marriage last. 



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The Connect Deck

100 prompts / questions to get the conversation rolling. Open the doorway to deeper and more meaningful conversation with your partner. Beautifully packaged in a foil wrapped box you'd be proud to display.


The Imperfect Deck

With the same powerful insides as the Connect Deck, just a little rough around the edges. Our very first print run of the deck was slightly damaged, so we're selling them for a discounted price in a cute cotton bag.


Art Prints

New prints available now. 30% of sales donated to charities (IJM and A21) to support them in ending human trafficking. Meaningful art to connect with and grace your walls. Love, defined.

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To be understood is quite possibly the greatest form of intimacy.